Freedomain Damon’s real name

Jared in 2009

Jared (damon) in 2009

damon as a teen

Jared as a teen

Damon’s real name is JARED DANIEL HIGLEY.

Dawn Higley, his mom, is married to Kevin Higley of Jerome, Idaho (not likely his dad) who is the owner of the car they are driving. His parents are Mormon. His grandparents’ last names are Froman and Burash. Before living in Keene, NH / Seattle WA / Jerome ID, he used to live in Mesa, Arizona. He may have once gone by Jared Froman.

Jared’s birthday is 10/02/1992. He has posted it before as both 1/12/96, 5/11/93 and 3/4/88. He’s about 5′ 10″ tall, and skinny.

He uses many aliases: FreeDomainDamon, Freedomain Damon, Damon Jordon, Kirota Froman (YouTube here, note he made a vid about trolling hackers and called them betas) and many more. This is also damon’s video…. It’s him playing a first-person shooter game while talking about how fun it is to troll people.

Damon likes to insult men by calling them Betas and White Knights. Those terms are used by Molyneux, but also by RSD. Damon is a fan of Real Social Dynamics (trying to use pick-up techniques on women to build self-esteem.) He also insults men by calling them neckbeards.

When he’s doxxing, all women are “whores” and “sluts”, all men are “virgins”, “betas” or “white knights.”

He likes skateboarding. He’s also a sports fan, but was never good at any sports. He was bullied in school and dropped out in tenth grade.

Ashley and damon look at griefing as a game. They are both likely sociopaths. Both may have talked their way out of any legal trouble they’ve been in.

The met on a mumble server for ancaps. They have no other in-person friends. They are each other’s only friend. (Not surprising, since the love to piss people off, both online and in person.)

Damon has said “I hate everybody” and seems to mean it. He is also a narcissist, needs to prove his superiority, yet doesn’t seem to have a lot of self-preservation instinct. (Damon and ashley were trying to goad armed people into starting a physical fight with them.) The phrase “nothing to lose” comes to mind. Damon and ashley have burned all their bridges and danced on the ashes. And they’re on a nationwide “tour of trouble” looking for more bridges to burn.

Ashely is suicidal, and is on powerful psyche meds. Damon and Ashley are a dangerous Romeo and Juliette of misanthropy, and should be avoided (but followed and filmed) everywhere they go.

damon and ashley (we call them “Dashley” as a unit) don’t have jobs, but have money for travel, hotels, nice laptops, drinks,  leather jackets, iPhones and other hipster fashion accessories.

Damon may have gotten into Bitcoin early on, as indicated on this site with a LOT of info about damon (real name JARED DANIEL HIGLEY) from one of the many people he pissed off in the past.

More likely is that damon’s parents are still supporting him, since the car he’s driving is registered to damon’s step-dad.

Ashley gets money from being on disability for autism and being bipolar.


“Ashley does not have autism, but she pretended to have it so that she would get benefits and an Adderal (speed) prescription. What is more, she encouraged a number of people from the local meet up she frequented to do the same, saying they could get away with it and it was a really good idea. It is also known both her and Damon got in early on Bitcoin. so they might have some money from that”

Her uncle helped her with the paperwork to get on disability.

Ashley is also clinically depressed and bipolar and on the psych med Prozac. She has been on Venlafaxine in the past.

Here’s damon’s Google+ profile:

Note: the pix on damon’s Google+ profile are NOT damon. But this is damon (Jared):

Jared 2015 vs 2009

damon (real name Jared) 2015 vs 2009

Info on the red Jetta driven by the so-called Damon and Ashley

TAG/VIN: 3VWSF71K47M106780

********** REGISTRATION INFORMATION **********
VIN: 3VWSF71K47M106780
PLATE: 2J53376

********** VEHICLE INFORMATION **********
YEAR: 2007

ADDRESS: 509 S BIRCH ST, JEROME, ID 83338-3003
DOB: 10/02/1992
Age: 22

ADDRESS: 509 S BIRCH ST, JEROME, ID 83338-3003
DOB: 12/18/1965
Age: 49

Other Possible Adults Associated w Registered Address:

********** LIEN INFORMATION **********

********** TITLE INFORMATION **********
TITLE: 104017947
TITLE DATE: 12/29/2010


Damon and Ashley's car still at the Keene NH Day's Inn, 2 PM eastern time, 3/17/15

Damon and Ashley’s car still at the Keene NH Day’s Inn, 2 PM eastern time, 3/17/15

MUCH more info on damon coming in the future! Do check back!

If you have info, sightings, pictures or video, or if you’ve known these two in the past, please post it below. The first comment by a new commenter is held for moderation, so if you don’t want your comment public, and just want to give us some info, let us know that in the comment.

Thank you,
–Veritas Strigiformes


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  1. Jered has updated the website again this week, once again bumping the site to the number one spot on a google search of at least my name as well as others he’s trashed on that site. I’d like to find him in order to sue but I can’t pin him with any evidence as to his ownership of that site. Does anyone have any means of connecting him with it or finding his location?

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