Who is Ashley Schwartzfager?

Branden or Paul, back in the day.

Branden or Paul, back in the day.

Ashley was born a male. He is in transition to being a woman. The pic above of him looking uncomfortable with some biological women is pre-transition, when he was a dirt bike racer in Idaho.

“Ashley Schwartzfager” is an alias, his real name is likely PAUL SWARTZFAGER of Issaquah WA. He went to East Lake High School in Sammamish, Washington

Ashley’s phone number: (425) 295-4106.

Ashley / Paul is terrified of her grandmother.

She may use Windows 8.1 as well as Linux, and may program Linux kernel patches. Ashley spent time programming Linux and Droid apps. She is a Bitcoin fan. She’s heavy set and almost six feet tall. She and Damon are active on 4chan. Ashley listens to a lot of industrial music. Ashley’s birth date may be 2/12/96.

ashley is smart. Was in AP classes. Liked nerdy books.

Ashley is also clinically depressed and bipolar and on the psych med Prozac. She has been on Venlafaxine in the past.

Tracing IPs with ashley and damon is no good, they use TOR and VPNs. But they make mistakes, like showing up in public and messing with people in a place where they don’t think anyone would already know that they were the FDRdoxxers. And thinking that a dozen people wouldn’t work long and hard at figuring them out, following them, and getting the info out to an international network of activists who will keep an eye on damon and ashley in perpetuity.

Despite her rudimentary programming skillz, damon and ashley have no hacker/cracker skills. They pretend to be l33t but are not. All the trouble they cause is the result of poking around on public sites, grade-school-level social engineering, and lots and lots of libelous lying. They’ve never hacked anything.

If they were l33t they could, and would, take down this site. They are not, cannot, and will not.


Uses aliases, AshleyWaffel, Paul / Branden / Joe Moo (might be this) – username PJWaffle, “Branden”, and more.

From https://ashleyinfo.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/what-i-know-about-ashley/ :

“Ashley does not have autism, but she pretended to have it so that she would get benefits and an Adderal (speed) prescription. What is more, she encouraged a number of people from the local meet up she frequented to do the same, saying they could get away with it and it was a really good idea.”

Her uncle helped her with the paperwork to get on disability.

She has told friends she and Damon may be heading back to Seattle after New Hampshire.

Paul comes out as transgendered (and becomes "Ashley") in 2012.

Paul comes out as transgendered (and becomes “Ashley”) in 2012.

Paul / Ashley on "What is transgendered"

Paul / Ashley on “What is transgendered”

some of Ashley's gamer names

some of Ashley’s gamer names

Ashley’s AMA on Reddit

Ashley talks about her family

Ashley’s profile on Seattle anarcho-capitalist meetup group ashley and damon got kicked out of in person

This may or may not be her: Branden Cabler (also here on Facebook)

possibly old info: ashleywaffle12@gmail.com

old info: aslhley’s blog: https://ashleywaffle.wordpress.com

old info: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004346920495&fref=ts

old info: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pjwaffle

ashley talks about having been suicidal

ashley talks about having tried to kill herself at least once.

Ashley Lying

Ashley’s sesquipedalian lies

our team following damon and ashley

our team is constantly following damon and ashley

Ashley at Liberty Forum March 2015 (in all black, right below the sign)

Ashley about to get kicked out of New Hampshire Liberty Forum, March 2015 (in all black, right below the sign)

inside front of their car

inside front of their car

They're traveling light.

They’re traveling light.

ashley hitting on adam kokesh, inviting him to a meetup group she later got kicked out of

ashley trying to set up Adam Kokesh for an in-person trolling. She and damon later got kicked out of one of this group’s meetups for being rude to everyone.

MUCH more info on ashley coming in the future! Do check back!

If you have info, sightings, pictures or video, or if you’ve known these two in the past, please post it below. The first comment by a new commenter is held for moderation, so if you don’t want your comment public, and just want to give us some info, let us know that in the comment.

Thank you,
–Veritas Strigiformes


9 thoughts on “Who is Ashley Schwartzfager?

    • Thank you. Got an address? Neighborhood? Friends? Places they like to hang out? Bands they might go see live? Are they headed back there? When?

      Did they know each other before they were room mates? When and where did they meet?

      • They met on a mumble server for ancaps.
        I don’t think they had any other friends, Ashley got help from her uncle with the disability money.

        • thank you.

          When you say “Ashley got help from her uncle with the disability money”, you mean he helped her with the paperwork, or he gives her money? What’s her real name? What’s her uncle’s name?

    • Very interesting.
      Thank you.
      Autism, or Asperger syndrome? They’re related. I’m guessing Asperger, not Autism, but are you sure? How do you know? Or is that Aspergers reassigned into the Autism spectrum?

  1. Hi there. Ashley (Paul) + a friend of him are now in The Philippines. They are causing some problems, that’s why i have browsed online and found this website. We know where they live and we are about to call the police and arrest them. Will you get back to me on my email? I may need to know if there is any ongoing international search warrant on them, if I should call the USA embassy etc etc. Thank you. I have Ashley (paul) passport scan. SWARTZFAGER, PAUL JESSE – Born 12 Feb 1996 – Washington USA – passport issued on 30 Apr 2015 – will expire 29 Apr 2025 – passport number 535415374

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