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Ashley and Damon 1

This is “ashley” (left) and “damon” (right). In November, 2014, Ashley claimed in a chat on her Steam account that she was roommates in Seattle with “FreeDomainDamon”, the guy who doxxed a number of people connected to Stefan Molyneux’s Free Domain Radio. That is, they cyberbullied people, i.e. they released personal info, home addresses, home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, work phone numbers, pictures of people’s children, as well as making up heinous and libelous b.s. about all their victims. They also called people’s parents from a throwaway Skype number and said “Your daughter is a slut” and “Your son’s in trouble, he’s in jail.”

Elsewhere ashley mentioned people Damon was going to doxx, and those same people were doxxed within a day or two. All in all, damon made many videos and posts doxxing 40 people connected with, or critical of, Stefan Molyneux’s Free Domain Radio. This doxxing continues today.

It’s very likely that the doxxing done as “Free Domain Damon” was actually done by Damon and Ashley working together.

The doxxing stems from damon being a huge fan of Stefan Molyneux, worshiping Molyneux, being very influenced by his words, but damon got kicked off of Molyneux’s forum for being creepy with women. He went nuts and took it out on anyone connected with Molyneux, while still loving Molyneux.

Damon continued to troll many people, angering entire communities. No one thought he’d ever crawl out from under his keyboard to actually show his face, but he has.

In March of 2015, damon and ashley showed up without tickets at the Liberty Forum in New Hampshire, snuck in, and proceeded to piss off many of the people in attendance. They walked up to many people, asked them if they were cops. They said all sorts of crass things to people. They finally got thrown out, and showed up later at a private party. At the party, they got drunk, asked many people “will you open my drink?” (ashley appears underage, and claims her birthday on Facebook as Feb 12 1996), again loudly asked everyone “are you a cop?”, loudly asked everyone “where the drugs at?”, stole things, were general jerks, and refused to leave when told to leave. One guy at the party who lives his life by the Non-Aggression Principle had to be physically restrained from hitting damon.

ashley and damon rented a hotel room in Keene NH and stayed in town pissing people off more. They ordered pizzas without paying and had them sent to people’s houses and bragged about it later.  Ashley Called into Free Talk Live and talked about “sucking dicks” while Damon was in the Free Talk Live chat room posting links to his doxxing of people. (Note: the call was dumped and did not go out on air. The above audio link is from the FTL podcast archive.)

They pretended at points to be government Agents Provocateur. This is unlikely, but not out of the question. People are willing to do strange things to avoid prison time, and these two are likely to have had serious run-ins with the law.

ashley and damon are not their real names (damon’s real name is JARED DANIEL HIGLEY.) But they would have had to use a credit or debit card (maybe ashley’s card) when they stayed at the Keene NH Day’s Inn on the nights of March 14 – March 18, 2015. (They left the hotel March 18th.)

They are carrying an Idaho cell phone with the number 208-420-9549. The phone is registered in Idaho to Kara Childers. That may be a relative of one of them. Kara Childers may be this person who was arrested for selling meth in Idaho in 2003. ashley and damon are traveling in a 2007 red VW Jetta, with Idaho plates, license number 2J 53376. The tags expire in December of 2015

damon ashleys car plate

Here’s a picture of the VIN number (3VWSF71K47M106780) of that car:

VIN number

Here’s the front of their car:

car front

ashley appears about 19, damon (Jared) is 22. Jared’s birth date is 10/02/1992. He told someone in NH that he was born in 1993. They are both pathological liars, i.e. they tell lies constantly, even when there’s no reason to.

Damon has a receding hairline, as shown in this picture of him filming people throwing him out of a bar while covering his face to try to avoid being filmed by them:

pic of damon trying to film Keene folks while trying to block his face from being filmed. As he was getting thrown out.

ashley is transgendered. born as a male, living as a female. she claims to be post-op, but is likely not. She has a very deep, froggy voice. Here’s video of her calling into the Adam Kokesh show. Here is more ashley on kokesh.

ashley and damon told people that soon they are moving to SE Asia, this may be to get ashley an inexpensive sex change.

They have no visible means of employment, but appear to have no trouble traveling around the county and staying in hotels, buying meals and drinks. Yet they do not pay to get into events, they sneak in and steal things once there.

ashley and damon are avid gamers. This is ashley on Steam. This is damon on Steam (user name braden.) UPDATE 3/17/15: Both accounts have been privated since the site you’re reading, damonDOX, came out. Ashley and damon are aware of this site. ashley and damon are still in Keene at the Day’s Inn as of 7:30 PM 3/17/15. They’re frantically trying to cover their tracks online. It’s impossible. The cow is out of the barn. We also have copies of all their stuff, and will be posting it on here.

This is ashley’s YouTube page. (note the one video on there, the audio-only one, the person “braco” is a beloved gamer who later died. When he died, ashley and damon trolled his friends asking “so, he’s dead, that’s pretty cool, isn’t it?”)

While in New Hampshire, ashley claimed on Steam that the guy she was traveling with was not FreeDomainDamon, but someone named Tom, and he was just pretending to be damon. This is likely intentional misinformation because she knew people were on to her. People who know FreeDomainDamon the doxxer have seen these pictures and confirmed that these two are FreeDomainDamon and his partner in crime, ashley.

ashley was on the psych med Fluoxetine (Prozac) in January of 2015. She may be off her meds, or this behavior may be her on her meds. She may fill a prescription at some point.

psych meds

Here are two more pictures of ashley and damon:

Ashley and Damon 2

(this is damon putting on his sunglasses when he realizes he’s being filmed):

Ashley and Damon 3

And here are two pictures of ashley from her Facebook account (before she privated it, and before she dyed her hair black.) Her name on Facebook is Ashley Swartzfager. That’s not her real first name, but it might be her real last name.

Ashley Swartzfager - born Feb 12 1996

Ashley Swartzfager

Ashley and damon were both wearing all black the whole time they were in NH.

they identify as anarcho-capitalists, but seem to be unclear on the concept. They steal and they commit fraud – both forms of aggression. And they lie non-stop, telling people what they want to hear, in order for Damon and Ashley to get what they can from them. Damon and Ashley live to make people pissed off, but justify their actions by always claiming “we’re not violating the Non-Aggression Principle.”

They’re in denial. They do violate the Non-Aggression Principle. They also constantly violate the “don’t be a dick” rule, which is a commonly accepted precept of libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism.

ashley is part of the Bitcoin Las Vegas online group. She’s also the group owner of

She and damon are full-time trolls, which makes her group description pretty damn ironic and funny: “The main ancap chat has a lot of trolls, this is a group for a chat where trolls and bigots WILL be banned.”

They may still be in NH, and we will be updating this site as more info comes.

Despite what Stefan Molyneux and his guy Mike DeMarco tried to convince everyone, damon is NOT the same person as TruShibes, and TruShibes is suing Molyneux for implying this. TruShibes is not a doxxer.

We made this site to warn people of ashley and damon. Please share it. Sharing is the easiest activism you can do.

If you have info, sightings, pictures or video, or if you’ve known these two in the past, please post it below. The first comment by a new commenter is held for moderation, so if you don’t want your comment public, and just want to give us some info, let us know that in the comment.

MUCH more info on damon and ashley coming in the future! Do check back!

Thank you,
–Veritas Strigiformes


12 thoughts on “Details about Damon

    • Good idea. More people should mirror this site as many places as possible. More chance for people to see it.

      • I’m just shocked they finally got caught in the act with all this.

        They’ve caused loads of mayhem at a variety of meetups and only managed to keep the streak up because people who didn’t know them were unaware of their habits.

        If they finally get arrested over any of this, I really want to know if they have any psychiatric issues of some kind. Damon (well, Jared) has built a reputation for being a total psychopath.

        More than anything I just want these two to explain themselves.

        Is there a way to message you guys if anyone else has more info?

  1. Just an FYI, “Damon” is probably just going to switch names again and keep engaging in random shenanigans.

    That might explain how he keeps getting away with stuff despite being doxxed multiple times so far.

    People need to keep an eye out for him and “Ashley” as well as whatever new names they may be using.

    All liberty-oriented groups/meetups/etc should be warned about them ahead of time.

  2. Hi there all.

    I’ve spent the last couple of years on and off in contact with Ashley, honestly didn’t know things were quite this bad with her let alone the state of her actions with this “damon”. I know things about her, privately, that I don’t think are appropriate to say as part of this post, but I will say about my dealings with her. I’ve never met her physically (I live in New Zealand), but I think several years experience with her actions is justification to make this post here.

    I first met Ashley when I joined up on the #mises channel on Freenode IRC, roughly about two years ago. I was (and still occasionally do) running a Minecraft server to which Ashley and I became more acquainted on. She was at best not too aware of the consequences of her actions even back then, without my permission for example, she publicly advertised the server (This lead to the servers eventual shutting down both directly in costs maintaining it, as well as indirectly by the actions of public members). I accepted this as something at the time was fairly normal, servers such as that do sometimes fade in and out, and this lead to continuing to keep in contact with Ashley, as well as others I meet through her.

    I will confirm that Ashley does have libertarian like sympathies and that she pretty much has been eager and active far before her joining the steam group mentioned, for instance. But me hearing and understanding that they had been causing trouble in Keene, of all places, makes this sound like I think Ashley has either been convinced of what she’s doing with “Damon” as legitimate actions, possibly not helped by her own instability or “Damon’s”.

    I will leave as a disclaimer that Ashley seems to have some kind of crush on me, I believe, and that my identity could be easily found. Ashley, if you’re reading this I’m not writing this out of animosity to you, but rather I’m a little shocked, and frankly, I think your being manipulated.

    I will respond to any further requests for information, and I can do searches through my own conversation logs, etc that I’ve had with Ashley over the last several years if requested.

  3. I’m looking for any updates on this guy for legal action purposes. I want his site taken down and I’ve run out of options. It appears lawyers are my only means left.

  4. Ashley…. He/she is just an idiot. He/she DOES have
    autism. Damon is a dick. He (Damon) bragged about people he fucked with in the past. Unfortunately Ashley can be like a kid with trolling people. If He/she got into any serious trouble like doxxing someone, Damon would be responsible as I know all he/she has ever done in the past has basically been childish trolling. I’ve known Ashley since I was like 6-ish maybe. Anyway, He/she tends to get overexcited and often takes thing to far, especially when influenced by an audience i.e. Damon. I remember actually about the party, Ashley kind of viewed it as a sort of game. I never liked Damon and the shit he did. I tried to get him/her to kick Damon out, but no. I actually spent the night there once… It was a horrible experience. Ashley was extra excited on aderrol and Damon kept egging him/her on. But ashleys basically a kind person, he/she called me back the next day to apologize and everything. Even the video from the video and press page kinda show, Ashley just like it like a kid, probably due to autism. Not to excuse his/her behavior.
    I can believe damon or jared or whatever the fuck his name is a sociopath, however, Ashley is autistic and is very childish.

    As Ashleys friend, I apologize on his/her behalf for the idiot he/she is.

  5. Ashley doesn’t ddox, though Damon probably does. Ashley got convinced by the jerk-off (Damon/ Jared/ whatever the fuck he’s calling himself) to do this as a troll. Unfortunately he/she’s an idiot. Well, that’s not entirely true, he/she’s autistic. Ashley just doesn’t think about consequences. And like a little kid loves trolling.

    As Ashley’s friend I find it responsible to apologize on her behalf.

    P.S. Damon can rot in hell for all I care

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